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  • Where does Wilson Links travel to?
    We travel around the world to any country. Our most popular trips however are to Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Who goes on these trips?
    Couples, singles, we accept anyone with a credit card.
  • Do we play golf every day or is there time to sightsee?
    It is completely your preference! If you would like to play golf every day we can plan accordingly, but we also recommend allowing a little time to enjoy the sights of the country.
  • Can you plan your own golf tour?
    Whatever you want here.
  • Are all courses riding or walking?
    The courses we visit are a mix of riding and walking, however we can take into consideration which options you prefer and can make the neccessary adjustments.
  • Are non-golfers allowed?
    Yes! We have trips for singles, couples, and mixed groups of golfers and non-golfers. Whatever your group needs are we can accomodate it.
  • What is included in a Wilson Links trip?
    Our trips our customizable and can be arranged to suit your needs. Typically however, the following are included: - Driver - All lodging - Golf - Bus driver - Tip - Breakfast - Dinner on the first & last days of the trip - Gifts & suprises
  • What type of lodging is included?
    Whatever your willing to pay for. Luxury or hobo status.

Barnbougle Dunes,


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